The Fallen

Eden and her new hat. The sun wanted to shine down upon her. I love the the sun’s glow, so I ran downstairs, practically fall down, because stupid bad knee acted up again! But I love the light.

Eden, Lilith and Adna.

I swapped their wigs, because I wanted to have fun. They are pretty this way, though.

The garden of Eden.

MIkael and Lucifer

mo-2 (dollzone) and M (doll leaves)

Adnachiel and Lilith

Scarecrow Hal-2 and Freillian-3, from DollZone

Doll : Freilian-3, Dollzone.
Project : The desert of Ice
Pictures : Bunnylillyl
Arrangements : Bunnylillyl

Lilith and Adnachiel, by Bunnylillyl.

Lilith and Adnachiel, by Bunnylillyl.

Weird Family Moment : Oh gosh, my Dad is weird when he Wants

Dad : So they stopped fucking each other? *talking about my dolls*

Me : What? They were hugging

Dad There's this old saying. GAY

Me : They were just hugging

Dad : And the Old Amerindian, said HOMO.

Me : ...Dad they are brothers

Dad : And in some other countries GAYGAYGAYGAYYYYYYYYYYYY

Me : They are dolls who are brothers who hugs thats all

Dad : Do I look like I care? They can fuck and be your Supernatural show. Gosh.

Me : ..eheheheh